Join PTA

Please click here for the PTA online store where you can purchase spirit wear, tickets to events, and more.

We are driving our membership through the Totem online tool. Go to TODAY to sign up for a basic membership, explore fundraising buy-out options (excludes the Jog-A-Thon), or make straight donations. It takes 2 minutes (and saves you 15!). Paper forms will be available during spirit wear sales and in the front office. More info below! 

This year the Washington PTA is offering three  levels of membership. We have included more details below to help you renew with the option that works best for you!

Single Membership – $10.00

Buy Out Options
Don’t want to buy or sell anything, or just generally want to avoid fundraising all together? Then the Buy-Out option is for you! This allows you to OPT OUT of fundraisers (EXCEPTJog-A-Thon).


Buy Out #1 – $100
One (1) PTA Membership
One (1) T-Shirt


Buy Out #2 (Family Buy Out) – $125
Two (2) PTA Memberships
Two (2) T-Shirts
To get to the “Buy Out” options, please click the “Donations” button and the options will be listed in the drop down menu.
When you join PTA, you are not obligated to join all meetings nor volunteer. You can participate as much or as little as you would like or are able – the key is finding the right balance that works for you!
Let’s make it a great year!