About the Washington PTA

Our Value Statement:

Washington PTA embraces and promotes values that enrich and improve the lives of all children in our community. These include school and community pride, family involvement, environmental awareness, healthy lifestyles, drug and alcohol avoidance, child safety, tolerance of and kindness towards all, the cultural arts, and academic enrichment. Our various programs will support these core values.

2021-2022 Washington Executive Board
  • Amy Huh – President
  • Aileen Connoy – Executive Vice President
  • Kathy Lyon – Treasurer
  • Amanda Riley – Recording Secretary
  • Theresa Kleinhofer – Vice President, Programs
  • Kelly Rubio – Vice President, Memberships
  • Tina Kitajima – Vice President, Health
  • Misty Noble – Vice President, Communications
  • Gena Dix – Vice President, Green Efforts
  • Kristal Preschern – Financial Secretary
  • Mariko Fairly – Historian
  • Byung Cho – Parliamentarian
  • Tammi Rubasky – Teacher Representative

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