Paddle House Fundraiser


Redondo Beach Unified School District Paddle with a Purpose

paddleboardPaddle with a Purpose is a school wide PTA fundraiser. Print out this flyer and bring with you to the Paddle House to paddle for miles toward your school goal. $10.00 from each paddler will be donated back to your local school’s PTA. The school with the most miles wins your schools Principal Grand Prize from Paddle House!

Details for Paddleboard rental:
– Tuesday – Sunday, 8 a.m. -6 p.m.
– Free lesson for all beginner paddlers
– Access to all amenities offered at Paddle House
– Custom local shaped paddle boards from Becker
– Carbon fiber paddles
– 2 hours of paddling
– 2-mile course on map shown
*cost $35.00 with $10 donated back to your local school PTA

1,000 miles per month equals 500 paddlers raising $5,000 per month and creating a healthier community at the same time.
To reach the goal we only need 2.5 paddlers per day from each school. With 11 schools, paddling will equal 1,000 miles.