Green Team


Washington Elementary will be kicking off the New Year a whole lot greener, thanks to its brand new Green Team! A group of 13 enthusiastic 4th and 5th graders, the Green Team will help Washington be as green as it can be. Trash-Free Tuesdays, a food-waste reduction program, marker recycling, a Green News Bulletin Board and plenty more will soon be coming to the Washington community, thanks to the Green Team.

Congratulations, Green Team!

  • Kimberly Bautista
  • Leilani Coyazo
  • Bryce Dix
  • Kylie Fredredrickson
  • Santi Gibbs
  • Isaiah Johnson
  • Janna Ketchum
  • Owen Kolb
  • Shaun Lo
  • Ava Mathew
  • Morgan Robertson
  • Joaquin Stauffer
  • Kathan

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Congratulations to our Reflections Participants!

A big thank you to these Washington students for participating in this year’s PTA Reflections contest, What is Your Story?, and making Reflections a great success!

Jake Bala
Aditya Bhatia
Aashka Bhuptani
Emily Brown
Amy Byars
Ryan Chamides
Keira Cho
Kenneth Cole
Sofia Guevara-Flores
Kanu Gupta
Kavi Gupta
Carly Jacecko
Marissa Mayeda
Richa Mujumdar
Jacob Pratt
Alexia Widdison


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