Staff Appreciation Week Super Notes

SuperStaffThere is still time to have your Washington student show the school’s super staff how much they care! Have them color the note and write a message to anyone on Washington’s staff. They can do as many as they like and they’re not just for teachers! Tell that special super staffer why they’re super!

Download the note by clicking here!


Washington Volunteer Policy Update

On February 11, Washington School Site Council reviewed the School Safety Goals and determined in order to ensure the safety of all students and staff during the school day the following guidelines needed to be followed when volunteering at Washington Elementary School. The new policy will help the administration know who is on campus during an emergency and decrease the number of interruptions during the school day. Parents on the School Site Council also noted it will help ensure teachers arrive on time for their  scheduled Garden,  STEM, or Hands-on Art lesson. At Washington, we highly value our parent volunteers, and strongly encourage parents to involve themselves in the activities at school. All volunteers must sign a volunteer form in the office and have a recent manteaux TB Test on file in the school office. In order to assist in your child’s room, please contact your child’s teacher and explain your availability to see how you can be of help.

  • Volunteers must have communicated with the classroom teacher before their arrival at school. Teachers will let the office know who their volunteers are for the day.
  • When you arrive to volunteer you will be asked which teacher/room you will be visiting. If your name is not on the volunteer list the classroom will be called to confirm the teacher is expecting you.
  • Volunteers must check in at the office and wear a visitor’s sticker. When leaving volunteers must sign out in the front office. Please do not leave the campus before signing out.
  • Volunteers are to refrain from having side conversations with other parent volunteers while children are present.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to set their cell phones or other similar devices to vibrate or off while in the classroom. If you have to take or make a phone call please step outside the school building.
  • Volunteers are to remain confidential in terms of viewing of student learning, special needs observed, etc.
  • Always use the faculty/staff restrooms located in the front office and teacher’s  lounge.  Never use the student restrooms.
  • Volunteers may not bring younger siblings to work at school, this includes kindergarten siblings.
  • Children are to respect all volunteers; however, the teacher is responsible for student discipline.
  • Under all circumstances, volunteers are to follow the directions of the teacher.
  • Teachers are always to be offered first priority to use the machines.

School Site Council Parent Reps: Tracy Adams, Byung Cho, Monico Robles, Lisa Stanley, and Katie Joynt