Throughout the year, Washington PTA strives to present programs – many of them free – for students and their families. These include movie nights, Family Fun Night and our popular game nights and parent education series. Fundraisers, including membership fees, pay for these activities. They also include:

  • STEM (formerly Hands on Science): The goal the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics program is to promote and encourage all children to learn about each of these topics. With so many high-paying jobs requiring college degrees in these fields, particularly right in our South Bay backyard, we need to ensure our children have all the tools necessary for achievement.
  • Hands on Art: All students at Washington take part in the South Bay Hands on Art program, thanks to the sponsorship of the Washington PTA. Students create six projects during the school year during sessions led by volunteer docents.
  • Running Club: Led by volunteers, students arrive at school early to do laps around our field. They earn recognition and awards for their distance, but also get a chance for some much-needed and healthy physical activity while setting up habits that last a lifetime!