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Green Team 2017-2018

Congratulations to Washington’s 2017-2018 Green Team!
Francesca Arnold, Damian Artiga, Dorian Artiga, Kylie Cho, Nicholas Collins, Leilani Coyazo, Bryce Dix, Julia Eastman, Keely Goold, Isaiah Johnson, Zara Kumar, Lauren Moskowitz, Morgan Robertson, Reese Spalding, Joaquin Stauffer, Sophie Wildenhain
Our new Green Team for the 2017-2018 school year is off and running! With the help of Washington moms Kathleen Jacecko and Christine Wilkas, the Green Team will be taking on several projects, including: campus cleanups, helping fellow students sort their trash at lunch, establishing an “idle-free zone” in front of the school to save fuel and improve air quality, and petitioning local restaurants to adopt eco-friendly practices.
The Green Team will also once again play a key role in Washington’s Earth Day Fair, coming up in April 2018. Stay tuned for much more on that! Working together, this team of sixteen environmentally-conscious 4th and 5h graders will be working hard to raise environmental awareness on campus and ensure that Washington Elementary fulfills its commitments as a California Green Ribbon School.
We hope you will stop by the Green Team bulletin board in the main hall to learn more about environmental topics and green happenings on campus. And if you spot our Green Team members sporting their green bandanas, be sure to say hi!
2017-2018 Green Team Pledge
We, the members of the Washington Elementary Green Team pledge to:
1.     Not litter.
2.     Not waste food or water.
3.     Avoid using disposable straws.
4.     Pick up litter and keep our school clean.
5.     Try to walk, bike, scooter or carpool to school.
6.     Pack a waste-free lunch and snack using only reusable containers.
7.     Use a reusable water bottle – and our hydration stations – whenever possible.
8.     Sort our waste into trash (grey bin), recycling (blue bin) and compost (green bin).
9.     Save energy by turning off lights, electronics and air conditioning when not in use.
10.  Encourage others to do all of the above and more!
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Green Team Update

Be sure to stop by our bulletin board in the main hall to read all the interesting facts about the environment and being “green.” Also, on Wednesday, Feb. 22, the Green Team will be making an announcement at the morning assembly about reducing food waste at Washington Elementary. They will also be collecting and weighing food waste and helping students sort their trash during lunch.

And now, this week’s Green Tip, brought to you by Morgan Robertson: Did you know that by lowering your thermostat by just one degree, you can cut your heating bill by 8 percent? So by turning down your thermostat just a degree or two, you are helping the environment and saving money.

Learn more about the Green Team.

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Green Team Meeting

Learn More About the Green Team

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Green Team


Washington Elementary will be kicking off the New Year a whole lot greener, thanks to its brand new Green Team! A group of 13 enthusiastic 4th and 5th graders, the Green Team will help Washington be as green as it can be. Trash-Free Tuesdays, a food-waste reduction program, marker recycling, a Green News Bulletin Board and plenty more will soon be coming to the Washington community, thanks to the Green Team.

Congratulations, Green Team!

  • Kimberly Bautista
  • Leilani Coyazo
  • Bryce Dix
  • Kylie Fredredrickson
  • Santi Gibbs
  • Isaiah Johnson
  • Janna Ketchum
  • Owen Kolb
  • Shaun Lo
  • Ava Mathew
  • Morgan Robertson
  • Joaquin Stauffer
  • Kathan

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PTA Board Members Share Their PTA Stories

Volunteer_PowerWondering what a position on the PTA Board is all about? Like you, we’re all busy parents who want the best for kids. Every single Board member is there for their own reasons, and some have shared a little about their experience in the stories below.
Learn more about open positions for next year by clicking here. We’d love to have you join us!

“Knowing parent involvement was a key indicator of child outcomes, just as a fly on the wall, I began attending PTA board meetings in my son’s kindergarten year to learn about the PTA. With time, I was able to see beyond my needs, and my reasons for being involved grew to include helping the other parents who devoted their time and to ensure all children had a great overall experience at Washington.

“As the mother of a 10-year-old, I have less than eight more years to be involved in this capacity in my son’s life. Ethan is now in the 5th grade, and, after dedicating two years to fundraising, one year to membership, going on two years in communications and this year as 5th Grade Activities Co-Chair, I wouldn’t change it for the world!”

-Jennifer Kim, mom to Ethan (5th Grade)


“I have been a parent at Washington for the last six years. As a mother of three children, I knew I would be at the school for at least 12 years. I wanted to get to know my school and Washington families better, so I became active in PTA when my oldest started kindergarten. I started out by volunteering and by my second year I was chairing two programs that are near and dear to me, STEM and the Green Program.

“Being active in the PTA has allowed me to get to know other parents, the teachers and our principal on a more personal level. Washington is such a dynamic school with so many wonderful opportunities to get involved from volunteering, to helping with a program that peaks your interest or by being on the Board. I work full time and was worried that maybe I wouldn’t be able to do a great job, but everyone backs me up, there are always helping hands I can count on. The experience has been amazing. I highly recommend for parents to join us and jump on board to help keep Washington the awesome school it is. It takes a village to keep our school great!”

-Gena Dix, mom to Taryn (5th Grade), Bryce (3rd Grade DI) and Kylie (Incoming Kinder)


“This is my second year as VP of Membership at Washington. I was able to go to PTA convention in the spring before I started and it was wonderful to go to the workshops and feel the energy (as well as get all the free goodies and spend time with fun ladies!). I highly recommend it for any new board members. I had recently switched from full-time to part-time work and wanted to put some of the extra time into being involved at the school.

“The time commitment for membership starts in mid-August preparing a theme and getting ready for class post. The two years I did membership we used a classroom competition approach (learned at convention) and it worked very well. The second year we were able to get a digital roster of the students (to determine which classroom to give students credit if the parent didn’t include it on their form and it made MUCH smoother). Being at events to promote PTA and memberships as well as keeping track of the competition is really the bulk of the time commitment and it ends by Halloween.

“The teamwork makes this fun and you get to meet a lot of great Washington students and parents. You will need basic comfort with Excel and the ability to be on campus at least once a week during September and October to pick up forms and be at the Friday morning exercises when possible.”

– Michelle Dale VP Membership (mom of CJ 14, Katie (Adams 7th grade), Jake (5th grade Washington)


“I was so excited to be involved in my children’s school, but since I work full time, I wasn’t sure how I could do it effectively. Once I went to a meeting and realized that there are many kinds of jobs available, I was able to find something that fit my limited schedule.

“Over the past 5 years, I have been Secretary, Financial Secretary, and Parliamentarian. All three have been great opportunities to really get to know the people in PTA and to feel like I am helping my children’s school. I feel informed about school events and have met some amazing people. I strongly encourage people to try out PTA leadership positions, even if you work full time. It is well worth it!”

-Janis Byars- Mother of Amy (4th grader) and Ethan (1st grader)


“As a full-time working mom, I felt challenged to find a role for myself at Washington that wouldn’t eat into my already sparse time. After talking to the then incoming PTA president – I found a role that fit my background and experience and that I could do away from campus. I was VP of Communications for two years and started the Washington PTA’s Facebook page – and am thrilled to see it continue as a valuable communications and community tool.”

-Denise Nix, mom of Holden (6th grade at Adams) and Riley (4th grade), current Historian and website admin

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