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Yellow Ribbon Week


College Savings and Planning Night


Ice Skating Fundraiser

Join us for a night of skating – proceeds to benefit Washington Elementary School!

Friday, Jan. 20

7:15-9:45 p.m.

$10 per person

Dress for cold weather including long pants, socks, gloves, and a jacket. Helmets are recommended.

Toyota Sports Center

555 N. Nash St. El Segundo, CA 90245



STEM Night: Astro Adventures – Kindergarten thru 2nd Grade

spacewalk“Astro Adventures” Assembly Presented by The California Science Center
Wednesday, Jan. 25, 6-8 p.m. at Washington
All Kindergarten and 2nd Students and Their Families are Welcome

Experience all the excitement of being in space without ever leaving school! Learn about the forces, temperatures and pressures that astronauts have to overcome to get to, and survive, in space. Also, step inside and explore a planetarium!

How does a rocket get all the way to space?
Find out how rocket engines work and are powered.

Why does everything float when you are in space?
Discover the effect that gravity has on everything both on Earth and in orbit.

Is it easy to live in space?
Learn about the many hazards that astronauts are prepared to encounter in space.

How big is space?
Get a taste for the size of our universe with the planetarium that is part of this program!



Math Olympiad

We are starting our 2017 Math Olympiad team, which will meet Mondays (and a few Wednesdays) after school in Room 24.

This exciting math competition will be held against other schools in Culver City on Saturday, March 11. The competing team is six students. The practice sessions are open to all interested 4th and 5th grade students.

Questions? Email

Click here to download the permission slip.


Marker Recycling Returns!

Where there are kids, there are markers, and all markers eventually dry up. Unfortunately, they can’t be put in the recycling bin. But now, thanks to Crayola, they CAN be recycled.


Through Crayola’s ColorCycle marker recycling program, Washington Elementary students, staff and families can recycle ANY brand or type of marker, including old dry erase markers and highlighters. All we have to do is collect our old dried up markers, mail them to Crayola, and they will convert them into energy. So gather up all of your dried up old markers and drop them in our Marker Recycling Box, conveniently located in the hallway between the office and the library.


Remember, don’t toss ‘em, recycle ‘em!


Cultural Assembly – Dancing Storytellers: Indian Mythology and Me

In December, Washington students enjoyed the production “Dancing Storytellers: Indian Mythology and Me.” This was an enormously entertaining and sophisticated show that weaved rhythm song, gesture and facial expression into a dynamic exploration of Indian mythology and it’s connection to the world today.

Cultural assemblies like these are made possible by funds raised by PTA. Thank you for your continued support.



Project Unified

Project Unified was a huge success during the holiday season. The Redondo Beach Unified School District helped a record 60 families this year. All the families were extremely appreciative. THANK YOU to the Washington families who donated to this special cause.


[UPDATE] Book Fair 2016

Thanks to our enthusiastic readers and generous families at Washington, we sold almost $13,000 worth of books at our Scholastic Book Fair in December. That’s the most we have ever sold! This means we raised more than $6,000 Scholastic Dollars to buy books for the library and our classrooms. THANK YOU to all the volunteers and shoppers who made this event such a success. We are looking forward to the Spring Book Fair that will feature our friends from LA Liberia and other great books!


Please check your child’s folder this week for fliers. If you can help volunteer, please click here: Sign Up Genius