Calling All Readers: Battle of the Books 2016-17

bob imageLooking for Some Eager Readers to Go a Few Rounds in the…


4th and 5th Graders: (3rd Graders, please scroll down)

The Battle of the Books is an exciting tournament of reading. It’s a national organization, that the RBUSD participates in at a district level. Washington Elementary competitors will be assigned to teams of 4th and 5th graders. On the day of the Battle, teams of students will answer questions about the books on the reading list to win points for their team.

4th/5th Grade Battle of the Books will meet two times a month on Wednesday mornings before school from 7:45 – 8:15 a.m.
We realize this is the same time as Running Club, and will work with your student if they would like to do both.
The 4th and 5th grade School Battle will be held on Wednesday, April 5, 2017 after school.

One team from each school advances to the District Championship Battle. The Championship Battle will be held on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 6 p.m. at Lincoln Elementary School.

There are 36 books on the book list. You do not need to read all 36 books, but you need to read at least 12 books on the list to compete.

The book list is available in the library, has been passed out in each 4th/5th grade classes, and is available by clicking here. Each student is encouraged to read as many books as possible to be most prepared for the Battle.

Washington students took 2nd place at the District level last year!!

If you wish to participate in the Battle, attached form to your teacher ASAP.

Email:, and/or with questions.

3rd Grade:

Looking for some eager readers to go a few rounds in the 3rd Grade Battle of the Books!

The 3rd Grade Battle of the Books is an exciting tournament of reading. Students read books throughout the year and come together in the spring to demonstrate their abilities and test their knowledge of the books they have read in a fun, interactive and lively “battle” event.

There are 14 books on the 3rd grade book list. Students do not need to read all 14 books but they do need to read at least seven books on the list to compete in the Battle. Each student is encouraged to read as many books as possible to be most prepared for the Battle. The 3rd grade book list is available in the office, library, and by clicking here.

The Battle will be held after school, the week of March 20th, location and date to be determined.

If you wish to have your child participate in the Battle, please fill out the registration form and return to your child’s teacher by Monday, Nov. 14.

Questions? Please email:


Paddle House Fundraiser


Redondo Beach Unified School District Paddle with a Purpose

paddleboardPaddle with a Purpose is a school wide PTA fundraiser. Print out this flyer and bring with you to the Paddle House to paddle for miles toward your school goal. $10.00 from each paddler will be donated back to your local school’s PTA. The school with the most miles wins your schools Principal Grand Prize from Paddle House!

Details for Paddleboard rental:
– Tuesday – Sunday, 8 a.m. -6 p.m.
– Free lesson for all beginner paddlers
– Access to all amenities offered at Paddle House
– Custom local shaped paddle boards from Becker
– Carbon fiber paddles
– 2 hours of paddling
– 2-mile course on map shown
*cost $35.00 with $10 donated back to your local school PTA

1,000 miles per month equals 500 paddlers raising $5,000 per month and creating a healthier community at the same time.
To reach the goal we only need 2.5 paddlers per day from each school. With 11 schools, paddling will equal 1,000 miles.


Movie Night: Finding Dory


Friday, Nov. 18
5 – 8 p.m.
Food Trucks Will Be At School
Bring Your Low Chairs and Blankets for a Free Family Night on the Washington Elementary Quad Lawn!



Photography Fundraiser: Treasured Moments

For a $20 sitting fee, you can have professional portraits from Treasured Moments. Part of the proceeds benefit Washington PTA. Click here to find out more information!


PTA Membership Drive is On! [UPDATED]

Help Washington Reach for the Stars and join the PTA! Half the $10 membership goes back to your classroom. Sign up for a membership for each member of your family. Forms for memberships, Spirit Wear and earthquake kits ($5) are available in the school office, in the PTA Online Store or click here to download the order form. Every class with 100 percent membership by Oct. 28 will celebrate with a frozen treat party!

Every class with 100 percent membership by Oct. 28 will celebrate with a frozen treat party!

*Below shows how many more memberships are needed by class to reach the goal. Congratulations to Ms. Hale’s, Ms. Gonzalez’s and Ms. Turner’s classes for reaching 100 percent membership!

KA-AM Orozco: 7
KA-PM Sabanero: 2
KB-AM Smith: 2
KB-PM Baird:  5
KC-AM Hale: 0
KC-PM Cook: 6
Room 1 Ladd: 4
Room 2 Bader:  8
Room 3 Gonzalez: 0
Room 4 Yoval:  2
Room 5 Laster: 9
Room 6 Frank: 8
Room 7 Martinez: 0
Room 8 Gill: 4
Room 9 Proudfoot: 0
Room 10 Watanabe: 5
Room 11 Sharp: 22
Room 12 Ennis/Rubasky: 12
Room 13 Turner: 0
Room 14 Camacho: 8
Room 15 DeNardo: 5
Room 16 Kiazolu: 11
Room 17 Esser: 18
Room 18 Hwang: 11
Room 19 Jauregui: 6
Room 20 Hall: 12
Room 21 Soto: 2
Room 22 Stilson: 4
Room 23 Asch: 20
Room 24 Stauffer: 23

*UPDATED 10/26


Red Ribbon Week 2016

bg_logoWashington Elementary School is Celebrating Red Ribbon Week Oct. 24 – 28

Monday, Oct, 24: “Mustache You to Lead a Healthy Life”

Celebrate the start of Red Ribbon Week by wearing a mustache!

Tuesday, Oct. 25: “Undercover Stars”

Wear a NERD outfit. (N -ice, E -ager, R -eady to Learn, D -etermined)

Wednesday, Oct. 26: “YOLO! (You Only Live Once): Your Choices are the Key to Your Dreams!”

Wear your pajamas to school.

Thursday, Oct. 27: “Head Toward a Healthy Life”

Wear a crazy hat to school.

Friday, Oct. 31: “No Tricks, Treat Yourself Right”

Celebrate the end of Red Ribbon Week by wearing your Halloween costume to school!



Photos: Walk to School Day and the Walking School Bus

Students and volunteers celebrated Walk to School Day and the kick off of
Washington’s Walking School Bus on Oct. 5. Learn more by clicking here.

Skechers Friendship Walk

logo_skechersfw_newLast year, Washington  raised $7,600 with 152 registered participants. Our goal this year is to do even better by increasing our participation to at least 200 walkers. VIRTUAL WALKERS also add to our participation.

This year’s Skechers Friendship Walk is on Oct. 23. If you haven’t had the chance to sign-up, here are the top 5 reasons why you should:

  1. Great way to have fun with family and friends
  2. Promote healthy living through exercise
  3. Your registration fee goes directly back to Washington Elementary
  4. You make a difference in the community by helping children with special needs
  5. Money raised will go toward purchasing play equipment for the yard and books for our school library


How to Register for the Skechers Friendship Walk

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Register
  3. Select Join an Existing Team
  4. If you registered last year, log in using the same email and password. If not, sign up using an existing social network account or create a Friendship Walk Account.
  5. You will be asked to Join or Form a Team – enter your school’s name to find the school team and click Search for a Team.
  6. Scroll down and click the Join button next to your team
  7. Follow the Next prompts to finish registering.
  8. Remember to select the Redondo Beach Educational Foundation to benefit from your contribution.

Yankee Candle Fundraiser

candleYankee Candles make terrific holiday gifts for teachers & coaches, as well as great hostess/ host gifts too! You can also purchase magazine vouchers, gift wrapping supplies and popcorn! There are lots of choices!

Please make all checks payable to WASHINGTON ELEMENTARY PTA

Register as an online seller and invite family and friends to shop and help our school! Visit, click on seller login at the top and complete the “sign up to be a seller” form. Our group number is 990073368.  You can also download the “Yankee Candle Fundraising” App in the Apple App Store or Google play.

If you have questions you can contact Allison Kolb ( or Kathy Everitt (


Reflections 2016


The National PTA Reflections Program is an arts recognition and achievement program for students. The Reflections Program provides opportunities for students to express themselves creatively and to receive positive recognition for original works of art inspired by a pre-selected theme, while increasing community awareness on the importance of the arts in education.

The Reflections Program was established in 1969 by National PTA board member Mary Lou Anderson. Since that time, more than 10 million students have participated in the program. The program’s longevity and participation figures attest to its strength. The excitement and enthusiasm that the program generates for children, parents, schools and communities is unmatched.

Participation and appreciation for the arts is the Reflections Program’s goal. Although the Reflections Program follows a “contest” format, winning should not be the emphasis.

Participation in the Reflections Program is a great way for students to explore and learn about various art forms. Creating art is a valuable learning process that challenges students to use their critical thinking skills as well as their creative talents to create art that supports a specific theme.

Students may submit an entry in any of the six arts areas listed below. Only original works of art are accepted. Depending on local PTA guidelines, students may enter more than one work of art. The six arts areas are as follows:

Literature, Musical composition, Photography, Visual arts, Dance Choreography, Film/Video Production

For more information contact Lizette Guevara at

Student entry form

2016-17 Reflections Theme

Washington Rules

Official Rules

Consent Form

Rules by Category 



Ruby’s Restaurant Night

rubys-c1Click here to download flyer.